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Artists' Cooperative Gallery, 405 South 11th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68102. Phone: 402-342-9617 

What is the Artists’ Co-op?

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt gallery, located in Omaha’s historic Old Market area. We strive for personal artistic growth and professionalism in presentation. We are dedicated to exhibiting quality art on a year-round basis.The co-op is an artist run gallery. Artists volunteer time to staff the gallery and operate all aspects of the business. There are no gallery commissions. Sales go directly to the artist. We also offer the unique opportunity for you to actually meet the creator of the art, because the person at the desk is one of the artists.

Artist run galleries are a great place to make a purchase with investment potential. The artist is allowed the spontaneity to show exciting new work and the freedom to price at their own discretion. It’s fair game to check the artist’s resume before you purchase. This will show you the artist’s professional accomplishments and help you feel comfortable with a purchase.

Sales are made at the gallery on behalf of fellow members. We also accept credit cards (a small charge is taken). Our yearly sales are approximately $60,000 with an average of 20,000 annual visitors. In addition, artists frequently accept commissions from gallery visitors (which are not accounted for in the above numbers).

Continuous media exposure is our marketing goal. Our publicity committee markets the gallery as a whole; individual artists pay for their own show fliers and mailings. Our direct mailing list goes out monthly to our most interested and supportive patrons. Community outreach programs help bring new people into our Gallery and expose the community to art; these include working with civic groups, schools and various organizations.