Let us host your next group meeting or special event. Our large open space is a fantastic place for a large crowd (occupancy 300). We appreciate the chance to show our gallery to the community!

We provide:


  • three tables; one 8', one 5', one 3.5'
  • one 42-cup electric urn for coffee
  • one 42-cup electric urn for cider or hot water
  • black table skirts, table cloths punch bowl and ladle
  • crock pot
  • microwave, small fridge (dorm size)
  • garbage cans and bags
  • assorted chairs
  • volunteers to open the gallery and show you around

You provide:

  • invitations and communication with your group
  • food (may be catered or brought in)
  • drinks, wine or alcohol (no liquor license required unless you charge for admittance)
  • ice, possibly coolers for storage
  • paper products (plates, napkins, cups)
  • volunteers to maintain the food tables during the event

We appreciate:

  • help with set up and clean up
  • a cash donation of any amount - we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation may be tax deductible.
    * Make check out to:  Artists’ Cooperative Gallery and leave in the donation box

Other details:

Generally, people stroll around the gallery. We do not have the facilities to provide tables and seating, though we do have some chairs for a lecture style set-up. If you choose a time when the gallery is already open, we do not close the gallery to the general public during your event. If you would prefer to have the gallery to yourself, please choose a time when we are not open to the public (normally Monday and Tuesday during the day and Wednesday evenings).

For more information contact Event Coordinator: Linda Hatfield at linda.hatfield@cox.net