Membership Information 2019 - 2020

Thank you for your interest in joining our Gallery. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt gallery, located in Omaha’s historic Old Market area. We strive for personal artistic growth and professionalism in presentation. Our goal is to promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of visual art through programs of outreach, education and exhibition. We are dedicated to exhibiting quality art on a year-round basis. 

 The Co-op is an artist run gallery. Artists staff the gallery and operate all aspects of the business. There are no gallery commissions; all money from sales go directly to the artist. Sales are made at the gallery on behalf of fellow members. Our yearly sales are approximately $60,000 with an average of 20,000 annual visitors. In addition, artists frequently accept commissions from gallery visitors (which are not included in the above numbers).

 Continuous media exposure is our marketing goal. Our Communications committee markets the gallery as a whole. Our community outreach programs showcase our Gallery and our art to the local community; these include working with civic groups, schools and various organizations.

 Our membership consists of approximately 35 members. We keep a balance of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artists who work in a variety of mediums. Most are seasoned artists with impressive resumes; some are instructors and provide workshops; some are new talents with bright futures. Most artists also show in nationwide shows, art fairs, and in commercial galleries on a local and national level.

 Each member has the opportunity to share a special, month long “Feature Show” in addition to the continuous display of work with the other gallery members. We hold an all-member holiday show and occasional special theme shows.  Art in the gallery is completely changed monthly.

 Our membership year begins October 1st of each year. In August, new members are selected by our Membership Committee to fill vacancies. After an application review and interview, applicants are notified, in writing, as to their status. It is the policy of the Gallery to refrain from explanations as to its decision concerning the non-acceptance of applicants. Critiques of artist’s work not accepted will not be given. Members are chosen not only on the strength of their work but also on the vacancies that are available at the gallery at the time of application. Please keep in mind, if you are not accepted, we may have simply had “too many painters” or “too many photographers.”

 Members pay annual dues of $500, payable in advance, and due October 1 of each year.  Dues are not refundable. In addition, new members pay a one-time, refundable work deposit of $50 and a $15 key fee; both are due with the initial payment.

 Members of the Gallery are assigned a shift, approximately once a month, to staff the Gallery. We expect our members to be polite, professional and courteous while on duty. If a member does not work their shift, or does not make advance arrangements with another member to work for them, the work deposit will be forfeited, and a fine may be levied. It is important that members be conscientious concerning their responsibility to staff the Gallery as assigned.

 Members are also required to serve on at least one committee during their tenure and to have a body of work ready for exhibition upon acceptance to the gallery. Members are expected to produce and exhibit new work in the gallery on a regular basis. In addition, unscheduled events or opportunities may occur that would require member participation.

 All members should plan to attend the monthly membership meeting. This meeting is held on the Sunday before the first Saturday of the month. Meetings usually begin at 5:00 p.m.


 Pay annual dues.

Work approximately one shift per month, or trade time with other members. In an emergency, members may also pay another member to work their shift (usually $50).

Participate in committee work (time varies with committee and projects).

Continue to be a working artist – create and show new work on a regular basis.

Attend monthly meetings.