Tuesday, February 28th - Sunday, March 26th


The Artists' Cooperative Gallery features three of our member artists in an artistic confluence of “corporeal consciousness” during the month of March. Judy Hilger, Jerry Jacoby, and Gabriella Quiroz beautifully embody the show’s essence through painting, drawing and sculpting. Please join us in celebrating our artists and their works at an opening reception on March 3, 2017 from 5 p.m. -7 p.m. and throughout the month of March.

Judy Hilger's pseudo realistic steel sculptures are taken from her everyday experiences, profound events in her life and the desire to find the fit. She designs from the glimpses that reveal themselves, from the face she sees in the line of wood to a simple truth in an innocuous conversation. In each piece, she wants you to see your “fit”. Judy creates her pieces in her studio, “jrhea studios” on a century old farm in southwest Iowa. Her technical training has come from college, workshops and self-teachings. A transplant to the mid-west, originating from New Mexico, her work may not fit in either place, but embodies how she lives, not where she lives.

Painter Gabriella Quiroz is an Omaha-based artist working out of the Hot Shops Art Center. Her work has been featured in numerous group showings throughout the city of Omaha and its surrounding areas. Gabi works primarily in oil paints and colored pencils developing works of symbolic imagery. “The cicada and owl are native residents of Nebraska, and through scenes that are not commonly seen they model and represent the attributes of metamorphosis and wisdom. These human characteristics and corporeal beings that portray them continue to draw my attention toward what is not often glimpsed. It is my intention to present the viewer with images that depict this symbolism.”

Painter Jerry Jacoby creates paintings based on “landscape and beyond” in pastel, oil or acrylic inks, all of which will be represented in this show.