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Opening Reception for the "Energy" Exhibition


The August 2018 Feature Show at the Artists ’Cooperative Gallery will run from July 31-September 2, 2018, and will host a First Friday Reception from 6-9 p.m. August 3.  Refreshments will be served.  Music by cellist David Downing.

Artists Inna Kulagina, Charlene Potter, Nicki Byram and Margie Schimenti depict “Energy” in various forms: human physical energy, natural energy, psychic energy, spiritual energy, and kinetic energy.

Inna Kulagina: Omaha. Nature creates a complex world. “When I take a brush my goal is not to capture nature but rather the complexity of it, by amplifying the color and forms. Otherwise, the depicted object is not the truth.  Nature is what you see and what is underneath-the hidden structure. Augmenting color and shape makes it feel for me like capturing the reality of what I see.  Exaggeration equalizes the complexity of real objects, people and nature.”

Charlene Potter: OmahaThrough hand built porcelain sculpture, she takes the viewer on a journey into nature and life. “With me, the viewer journeys to the fifth dimension of art, to the next dimension of creativity, to the next level of perfection in the hand-built porcelain process. I believe the fifth dimension of art is inward, underneath the outside layer. I believe we will not advance as humans until we look beneath the outside layer of everything, human, plant, and animal to the very essence of its existence. This journey is like trying to capture kinetic energy.”
My goal is to lessen the amount of natural resources and keep my art smaller in size using less toxic materials in the firing process.

Margie Schimenti: Omaha. Is a conceptual artist who challenges conventional ideals by her choices of and uses of materials. She creates minimalist assemblages using multi-colored pieces.   Many of these materials are multiples of found objects.  “This year with the use of shells my assemblages have a folk art and handmade grotto style.”

Nicki Byram: Council Bluffs.  An artist whose collages, strive to capture a moment in time. Many with an emphasis on movement and energy, which when anchored by architectural forms, seek to tell a story.  “I believe that the medium of collage and its use of photographic images, beckons the viewer to step into the action. Words, if used, are like sign posts, they guide you in certain directions…but you still might get lost, or find a new ways to read them!”