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Opening Reception for "The Eye Perceives" Exhibition.

Artists Cooperative Gallery features three of our member artists in “The Eye Perceives” during the month of June. Duane Adams, Richard Markoff and Gabriella Quiroz beautifully embody the show’s essence through painting, drawing and sculpting.  Please join us in celebrating our artists and their works at an opening reception on June 1, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and throughout the month of June.

Duane Adams has a series he is revisiting. “Years ago I did a series of animal masks.  I decided to revisit the idea of the mask and use human face as the subject core.  The masks are made out of a large assortment of materials (mostly clay or plaster) and are painted with a wide range of paints including acrylic, oils, and automotive paint and some are glazed earthenware.  As the ideas expanded they developed from a single, simple wall hanging into multi-faced collections attached to wood panels and canvas.” 

Painter Richard Markoff. “My belief is that abstract form, imagery, color and textures convey meaning equal to or greater than words. To that end, I try to format all of my paintings, whether horizontal or vertical, with a great amount of texture. It is my intent for my paintings to be accessible. Texture provides richness and eye pleasing contrast between the simple and complex and invites investigation by touching the textural surface. I think that people often approach art thinking that the meaning is inherent in a piece of my paintings. My interest is in the meaning that is generated by the act of looking and feeling. I also feel that positive and negative spaces in my work are important in the overall design.”

Gabriella Quiroz uses colored pencil drawings to communicate human emotion. “I find this in the discarded and the everyday nature that surrounds us here in the Midwest. All of the begins, bones, and flowers I have collected over the years through my own findings or friends. I hope to honor and remember them through these drawings.”